Saturday, June 20, 2009

Alone + a stripper


So, I went to my friends house on Wednesday ad stayed the night and was
planning on going home the next day but I ended up staying another night
because it would have been too late to go home and the dog would have
woken everyone up. So the next day my mom said she could pick me up
which was Friday around 3pm; really she ended up being too busy, so I'm
on my third night away from home and I'm freaking out. My friend went to
her bfs house so I'm here all alone (except for the cat). My other
friend who just moved in here went to some girls house and said he would
be back. He ended up showing up like 9 hours later with some stripper
looking hoe so she could use the bathroom before they went out to a bar.
I told her that there were no hoes allowed here; little to say, she
wasn't impressed. I also looked at her and said "eww, don't talk to me",
she laughed nervously, lol. I tried to tell him that she was a hoe but
he said I always say that and he wouldn't believe me. Now he's going to
end up coming in at like 1am or later, drunk, waking me up and I'm going
to be pissed off. And I swear it, if that little hooker comes back here
I'm gonna knock her teeth right out the back of her head mark my words.
I'm bored, I miss my babies, I just want to be home with them and not
have to deal with any bullshit. Ugh, I need Jacob :(

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