Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm so irritated


So today, I'm irritated with everything. I just cant stand anyone or anything, besides Jill, Ray, Desirae, and Nolan. I feel like i need to get away but, I just came back. Simple little things like my laptop not being in reach when i want it, not having a full bottle of nasal spray, being too hot; all of the above really cheese me off. On top of being irritated by people, I've been having bad pain in my upper stomach and bad cramps. My body aches like its preparing it self for a baby, it feels real now, like i know its gonna happen sooner than later. My belly feels like its stretching to a size where its just going to rip apart, it hurts so bad. I also have a cough and when i breath it hurts my chest a little bit (Jake just had bronchitis) I'm so scared to get sick right now too. The last four days, my body aches all over it and never seems to get better, regardless of what i do. Well, that's it for now.

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